Rose Sales

ROSE SALE spring 2022

We begin our rose sales for 2022 with our online spring sale in May. Our list will be available to download here on the Rose Sales page!

If you are in our Guardians program—a monthly donor of $10 or more—the Pre-Sale of roses begins for you at 10 am on May 20th.

Below you’ll find links to our current sale list with ordering instructions and pick up information. This list can be viewed by anyone, and if you are not a Guardian you can begin to plan your order to submit on Sunday, May 22 at 10 am. We will try to upload a revised version of the list here on Saturday afternoon, May 21, with sold items removed. Thanks for helping us out!

Click here for how to place an order. 

Click here for our current simple list of bands (for Guardians only). 



To pay for a rose order that has been invoiced by our curator, click on the “Buy Now” button below, then:

(Please note, we send an acknowledgement just after we receive your order. This is not an invoice or confirmation. Please do not make a payment until you have received your invoice. We thank you for helping us with this.)

1. In Description box enter your order number and your name.
2. In Price Per Item box enter the total amount due on your order
3. Leave Quantity box set at 1
4. After clicking continue you can choose either to use a PayPal account, or (scrolling down the page) click ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’, to opt out of using a PayPal account.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to preserve a world of old roses!

Pick Up Dates

Our pickup dates for Spring 2022 are May 28th and May 29th. On day one we will have 2 rounds of pickups; on day two only a morning pickup. Please select the one that you would prefer and email us back with your order number and preferred “round” for picking up your plants.

The choices are:

Saturday May 28th 10 am to Noon—Round 1
   1 pm to 3 pm—Round 2

Sunday  May 29th 2 pm to 4 pm—Round 3

Click here for more information about pickup dates.

If you are unable to pickup on these dates, you may also schedule to pick up on another day by contacting our curator, Gregg Lowery, at to make arrangements.

NOTE: Cars arriving will be met at our main gate, where numbers and post box are located, close to the Bloomfield Rd. intersection. Volunteers will be stationed to assist and guide you. We are not able to have visitors park and remain due to our limited drive space.

The garden may not be visited on those days we are sorry to say. Thank you so much for your patience and your support of our mission and our volunteers!


On our webpage “The Rose Collection,” you will find the pages of the old Vintage Gardens Book of Roses which The Friends inherited with the roses. Each class of roses is presented as a separate page with links to the pages on explanatory information and with the descriptions of the historical classes and growth habit illustrations. It’s an easy, up to date way to access the wealth of information gathered by the authors when looking for their personal take on the 3400 plus varieties included. It provides a way to quickly scan a rose group for comparative information. We hope you’ll find it helpful!

For more information and for images of most of these roses, we encourage you to go to Help Me Find Roses on the internet. This indispensable free resource is depended upon worldwide by rose lovers both to seek more information and to learn more about others’ experiences with the varieties. While you are there we urge you to join HMF as a supporting member—if you love roses, consider it a duty!