Repeat-Blooming Large-Flowered Climbers

top: JACtan, Blossom Time, Della Balfour
above: Hotel Royale, Looping, Dr. Lande

The class known as Large-Flowered Climbers is a disorganized catch-all, including seedlings of Climbing Hybrid Teas, seedlings of repeat-blooming modern shrubs that exhibit a climbing tendency, and once-blooming Ramblers that make large flowers. To confuse the situation even more, one of these once-bloomers, Dr. W. Van Fleet, gave rise to a repeat-blooming sport, New Dawn, which has contributed its genes to many of the healthiest and hardiest modern climbing roses. In an effort to make some sense of this mess for the average gardener and rose-grower, we include here all those large-flowered, reliably repeat-flowering modern climbers that are not sports of bush roses. The once-blooming and shyly reblooming Large-Flowered Climbers will be found in the section on Ramblers, immediately following. We have returned a number of roses from this section to the climbing Hybrid Teas.


Despite the hybrid complexity of this class, it can be reduced to about three styles or habits of growth (left to right, above).

  • (E.g., Cupid) Those few that have the same long-caned habit of the climbing sports of Hybrid Teas, producing long canes and short lateral growths that flower. [LCl #1]
  • (E.g., New Dawn) The hybrids derived from Rosa wichurana, which make long, rather flexible canes with a wealth of lateral blooming wood. [LCl #3]
  • (E.g., Royal Sunset) A large number of hybrids that are upright, spreading growers, flowering at the ends of all new growth, gradually making a complicated mass of secondary canes. [LCl #2]

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Repeat-Blooming L-F Climber roses original Vintage Garden pages: VCG_Repeat-Blooming L-F Climbers.pdf

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