Hybrid Bourbons

This group might well be added to the larger group of Hybrid Chinas, but as we grow several of these that show strong affinity to the Bourbons, especially in their waxy, grey-toned foliage; we include them here after their reblooming kin. Many Hybrid Bourbons, such as Variegata di Bologna, have long been called Bourbons, when in fact they rarely rebloom and have a larger dose of old rose in their makeup. We think that including these here, near the remontant Bourbons, makes better sense.


The Hybrid Bourbons are fairly consistant in growth habit, making large spreading shrubs with stout, flexible basal canes, and a profusion of bloom on modest lateral stems. There are two types (left to right, above).

  • (E.g., Gipsy Boy) Large. [HB #1]
  • (E.g., Blairii No. 2) Extremely large, almost like Ramblers. [HB #2]

Brackets refer to Explanatory Information page.
Hybrid Bourbon roses original Vintage Garden pages: VCG_Hybrid Bourbons.pdf

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