Volunteer: Dirt Days

Volunteer at The Friends of Vintage Roses

Each month we organize “Dirt Day” gatherings for those who would like to volunteer in the care of the rose collection. These are group work days that include up to 15 people or so, and involve projects that benefit from a larger force to accomplish. We work on areas of the garden that need weeding or mulching, pruning or deadheading mother plants in pots or in the garden.

Volunteers also join our ongoing project of maintaining our small propagation nursery. Tasks include all aspects of producing young plants that go to our curators or are sold in our rose sales. The circle of jobs runs from cutting and prepping roses to be rooted in our mist tunnel to cleaning newly rooted small plants, organizing them on tables, labeling, weeding pots fertilizing and mulching, maintaining a tidy workplace.

We are encouraging potential volunteers to set up regular times that suit their schedule to help to maintain the nursery. Each volunteer is provided with training, and retraining by the curator and the volunteer coordinators. And we aim to make their time as independent as they feel comfortable with.

To volunteer, please contact the coordinators. Our space for parking is quite limited and each volunteer day has to be carefully planned ahead. All volunteer work takes place at the current site of the collection:

3003 Pleasant Hill Rd.
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Dirt Days 2022

We began with our first Dirt Day this year on April 3rd, and plan a second day for April 24th. Our further dates for 2022 will be published here in May. We are very pleased to introduce a new team of volunteer coordinators who will be connecting with volunteers via email: Jody Doss of Lagunitas and Trang Bui of Sebastopol. They will be checking in with you regularly via emails about our work in 2022. And they will supply the ongoing support for independent volunteers, along with the curator.

Please contact them at: volunteercoordinator@thefriendsofvintageroses.org

—Gregg Lowery, Curator