Damask Perpetuals, or Portlands

Duchesse du Rohan, Indigo, Rose du Roi (original)

The origins of this class are difficult to trace. The original Duchess of Portland, or Portland Rose, bears an affinity to Gallica and Damask roses; compact, Gallica-red, Damask-scented, with excellent renewal of bloom throughout the season. Portlands tend toward a compact habit, and fit neatly into gardens of all sizes. It is important to note that these roses are closely related to Hybrid Perpetuals and many authors in the past have lumped them there. According to some classifiers, Damask Perpetuals included a good many varieties better placed with the HPs. Here we try to list those whose characters are akin to the Duchess of Portland and Rose du Roi.


In keeping with the spirit of this catalogue, to group roses where they seem best to belong, we limit this group to hybrids that have no obvious China rose influence. Thus, we present those Damask Perpetuals which are of compact habit. For the gardener this will prove a more satisfactory view of the roses. We offer two groups (left to right, above) of growth habit.

  • (E.g., Duchess of Portland) Those that sucker like a Gallica and remain quite short. [P #1]
  • (E.g., Marbrée) A more compact, upright type that suckers little. [P #2]

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Damask Perpetual roses original Vintage Garden pages: VCG_Damask Perpetuals (Portlands).pdf

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