Climbing Hybrid Teas

Dame Edith Helen, Talisman, Texas Centennial

These are mostly climbing sports of bush-form Hybrid Teas that produce long canes (6′ to 10′). The flowers are produced on shorter laterals. Most Climbing Hybrid Teas need a year or more in the ground to create a framework of large canes upon which they will bloom. In our concern for presenting a consistent class of sport-derived roses we had excluded many roses that are by parentage truly climbing HTs, though not sports. We return them here.


These fall into two groups, sports and seedlings of Hybrid Teas (left to right, above).

  • (E.g., Bardou Job) Seedlings with a more branching habit. [HTCl #2]
  • (E.g., Bettina, Climbing) These all produce long canes to 6′ to 10′ or more that do not end in flowers. [HTCl #1]

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Climbing Hybrid Tea roses original Vintage Garden pages: VCG_Climbing Hybrid Teas.pdf

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