Rosa banksiae lutescens, Hybride de Castello, Rosa banksiae lutea

Rosa banksiae exists in four forms in China: a single and a double form in both white and butter-yellow. Whether the double forms are naturally occurring is not certain as they are extensively planted in mild areas of China as hedgerows. Wreathing their thornless stems in dense clusters of small blooms in late spring, before the beginning of the main rose season, the Banksias have won the hearts of gardeners from Washington to California and throughout the warm Southwest and South. Banksias are not recommended for areas colder than USDA Zone 9 out of doors.


Nearly all the Banksias grow alike, but a few hybrids have been created that vary distinctly from the norm (left to right, above).

  • (E.g., Rosa banksiae banksiae) Very large growers that produce long, thornless, willowy canes, a tangle of secondary canes, and short tertiary flowering wood. [Banks #1]
  • (E.g., Hybride di Castello) Modern hybrids that are essentially less vigorous versions of this same habit. [Banks #2]

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