Climbing Florabundas

Gold Badge, Orange Beauty, Floradora

Climbing sports of Floribundas are less common than their Hybrid Tea counterparts, though perhaps more useful, as they provide a greater display of color. See also the descriptions of the sport parents in the last section.


Apart from the standard long-caned and climbing sports of Floribundas, a few of these, which are seedlings, not sports, are compact and branching (left to right, above).

  • (E.g., Iceberg, Climbing) Long basal canes do not terminate in flowers, but make many laterals producing small to modest flower clusters. [FlCl #1]
  • (E.g., Westerland) Upright and branched, with occasional long canes. [FlCl #2]

Brackets refer to Explanatory Information page.
Climbing Floribunda roses original Vintage Garden pages: VCG_Climbing Florabundas.pdf

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