Help Preserve These Roses

About the Rose Collection

The Friends of Vintage Roses owns and maintains the historic roses from the Lowery-Robinson collection, currently located in Sebastopol, California, about 50 miles north of San Francisco. Rosarians world-wide consider the collection to be one of the most comprehensive multiple-class collections of old roses ever assembled. Of particular note — the Hybrid Perpetuals, Bourbons, Gallicas, Hybrid Chinas, Teas, Noisettes and Chinas — are among the most complete in North America and the old Hybrid Teas include an extensive group of Pernetianas.

We are in the process of building an online database to share what we know about these remarkable roses. For now we offer a gallery of some of the beauties that we care for and preserve for the future.

above: Allotria (Floribunda), Amberlight (Floribunda), Angèle Pernet (Hybrid Tea/Pernetiana)
below: Anne of Geierstein (Eglantine), Aperitif (Floribunda), Banner (Hybrid Tea/Classic)

above: Bella Donna (Damask), Blanche de Belgique (Alba), California (Hybrid Tea/Classic)
below: Careless Love (Hybrid Tea/Classic), Cecil (Hybrid Tea/Pernetiana), Chic (Floribunda)

above: Cristata (Centefolia), Dainty Maid (Floribunda), Dorothy Peach (Hybrid Tea/Classic)
below: Etoile de Feu (Hybrid Tea/Pernetiana), Laura (Centefolia), Ley’s Perpetual (Tea Noisette)

above: Manning’s Blush (Eglantine), Mme Laurette Messimy (China), Petite Lisette (Damask)
below: Professeur Emile Perrot (Damask), Shakespeare Garden (Eglantine)

Here are some of the other rare roses that we care for and preserve: Arethusa, Augustine Halem, Blue Chip, Bengale Centefeuilles, Bonnie Jean, Bullata, Catherine Seyton, Chloris, Chromatella, Comtesse de Rocquigny, Cuba, Diana Cant, Duc de Crillon, Eugene Desgasches, Gloire de Guilan, Gold Glow Bronze, Gourdalt, Lady Penzance, Mechtilde von Neuerburg, Mme. Cornélissen, Paul Nabonnand, Rhodologue Jules Gravereaux, Robert le Diable, Rubens, William R. Smith.